What is an australian evisa?

Australia is a country located in Oceania, covering most of this continent. Thanks to the fact that it is visibly removed from the rest of the continent, Australia has a large number of endemic species of fauna and flora, as well as incredible landscapes that can be seen in its entirety.

Australia has experienced excellent economic growth in recent decades, while promoting friendly and less rigid visits and immigration than in other countries. Thanks to its diverse culture and the beauty of its landscapes, many people want to travel to Australia today, but before doing so, they must keep in mind that a visa is required to enter this country.


What is an australian eTA ?

Australia requires that, in order to enter the country, you must first process a visa that will serve you during your stay, depending on the activity you dedicate to perform in the country. But there is not only one type of visa, but there are several types according to each individual’s personal requirements.

australian eTA
australian eTA

How to get eVisa to Australia (eTA)

First you must think about what will be the reason for your stay in Australia. Do you visit the country for work, do you visit the country for tourism? How long do you plan to stay? After knowing this, you can think about what type of visa you can opt for. If you want to enter Australia to do tourism or any of the following activities (Study for a period of less than 3 months with no option to work, Visit a family member or acquaintance, Do business as a visitor), then there are two types of visa that you can process taking into account your nationality and the agreements that your country has with australia.

The first is the visitor visa, which can be valid for 3, 6 or 12 months and that you can request inside or outside Australia, although this application can be denied depending on several factors, such as influx of visitors, individual conditions of a person or treaties of the country of origin with the same Australia.
The next visa option for tourists is the evisitor visa, which is free and can only be requested by certain countries. This entitles you to stay in Australia for up to one year with departures every 3 months. It is granted in about 48 hours and can be requested from outside the country.

eVisa to Australia
eVisa to Australia

All requirements

For the visa it is necessary that you come from one of the countries eligible for this. Among them are the countries of the European Union, the United States and some Asian countries. Before applying, you must have your own health insurance, as you will not be covered by Australia’s national health scheme (Medicare, Declare any criminal convictions and have no outstanding debts to the Australian Government,

Have the intention to visit Australia only for a temporary period, Do not have tuberculosis, Have not been convicted on any offence (s) with a total sentence of more than 12 months, Meet certain health requirements and Please note that you are not eligible to apply for the eVisitor if your only passport is a British National Overseas, British Dependent Territories Citizen, British Overseas Citizen, British Protected Person or British Subject passport.

If instead you are not eligible for the common evisitor visa, you must pay a much higher fee and meet requirements similar to those of the visa evisitor.
Now that you know what the requirements are, we hope you get advice before making your trip to Australia. In addition, being Australia a country with so many eco and cultural friendly alternatives, we hope you choose these services instead of those that are harmful to the environment and culture, it is always important to respect the environment we travel to, together we can make the world a Better and prettier place.

Knowing all this, there is nothing left but to wish you a happy trip to Australia.

Citizens from these countries are eligible to apply for an online e-visa: